X Factor – Beautiful Love Story

The X-Factor is more powerful for certain people. For the beautiful Pamela Mann and Eric Edwards it is the foundation for a warm and loving relationship with some very interesting side effects. Set in scenic San Francisco, the steamy, sultry side joins the warm and caring side in a touching love story. With a sensational supporting cast including the exotic Kristara Barrington, handsome Paul Thomas and the stunning Danica Rhae, X-Factor is a take to delight in. From the moment they first meet, Eric and Pamela know that there is something very special about what they have. As they slowly and sensually get to know each other, the people around them begin to notice also. With these lovers it’s more than just sex; it ‘s more than just love… it’s the X-Factor.

Lenght: 01:38:46

Year: 1984

Director: Hal Freeman

Danica Rhea   
Kristara Barrington   
Pamela Mann   
Eric Edwards   
Paul Thomas   
Richard Stevens   
Rick Savage   

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