Dr. Frankenstein has everything a man could wish for and more, but he’s about to commit the ultimate sin. The love of his life, his stunning wife Christine, has died, and Frederick von Frankenstein is going to bring her back! Driven to madness and uncontrollable lust, Frankenstein achieves the impossible – “Christine” has returned to him… not as she was before, but as a wild, sex-mad stranger of the night whose sexual hunger knows no bounds! The more perverse, the more decadent, the better, and the life Frederick knew is gone… replaced by an endless orgy of anal/oral excesses beyond anything ever imagined!

Lenght: 01:21:03

Year: 1994

Director: Buck Adams

Anna Malle   
Brittany O’Connell   
Lady Berlin   
Rebecca Wild   
Buck Adams   
Steve Drake   
Tony Martino   
Tony Tedeschi   

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