After Mr. Skin Exposes CGI Fake Olivia Wilde Nudity, Change-Up Bombs at Box Office

Change-up fountainWe knew we weren’t the only ones shocked and appalled by The Change-Up! It seems the idea of computer generated nipples is offensive to more than just Skin Central, because this weekend the body-switch comedy placed a distant fourth at the box office. The Change-Up finished behind not only Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but also The Smurfs and Cowboys and Aliens, both of which were in their second week. Ouch!

After our positive nudity report turned out to be the result of CGI trickery, Skin Central certainly wasn’t shelling out to see this flick, and we’re willing to bet the unfolding CGI scandal we reported here at Mr. Skin kept other guys away too. Well, the tired concept and terrible reviews may have had something to do with it, but we’re pretty sure it was us.

Let this be a lesson to movie producers who want to get guys into theaters with A-list nudity but not shell out the cash for the real thing…That’s OUR fountain you’re peeing in, gentlemen, and we’re not gonna let you get away with it. Mr. Skin- protecting dudes from fake nudes since 1999!

For a good look at The Change-Up star Olivia Wilde‘s REAL nipples, check her out right here at!

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