Marilyn Monroe "Sex Film" Goes Unsold at Auction

monroe stagIt’s still under debate whether or not a 1948 “stag film” owned by Spanish events promoter Mikel Barsa actually contains footage of a young Marilyn Monroe, but buyers at an auction this weekend weren’t willing to take the risk.

Barsa claims that the woman in the scratchy 6-minute film reel, unearthed in 1980, is Marilyn, or Norma Jean Baker as she was called then, masturbating and having sex with an unidentified man. But Barsa also claims that a 1996 letter from Alan Brown of the American Film Institute “proves” it’s her in the movie, while the letter, available online, actually says: It’s not clear whether the woman in the film is Marilyn Monroe — if not, she’s definitely a lookalike.

Lookalike or not, Marilyn’s estate flat-out denies that the woman in the film is her, and Authentic Brands Group, the company that licenses Marilyn’s image for all those awful “playing pool with Elvis and Jimmy Dean in paradise” posters, went so far as to say Barsa is “perpetrating a fraud on the public, violating the Monroe estate’s exclusive rights to her image and other claims of intellectual property infringement”.

Thanks to these harsh words, the “stag film” received no offers at an Argentinan auction this weekend, falling far short of its $480,000 expectations. You know, Mr. Barsa, Mr. Skin’s got a crack team of skin experts that would be slappy to review the reel. If anybody can crack this nude case, it’s Mr. Skin, so how ’bout you send US the footage?

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